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Posted by HEART Canada on 09/10/2017

Rohingia Refugees Crisis

HEART provided $1200 to a Canadian registered charity for help it is providing to mitigate the suffering of Rohingia refugees in Bangladesh. We request HEART supporters to come forward and help the refugees crisis who are living in very challenging situation. There are about 0.4 million refugees in Bangladesh which have found shelter from violence against them by their own government.Please donate to HEART for this purpose and your donation will be directed to those who need them.
Posted by HEART Canada on 19/07/2017

HEART a Registered Charity with CRA Now

It is utmost pleasure for us to announce that HEART has received Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approval as registered charity. Now we can provide tax deductible receipts for the donations we receive. Well done HEART members and volunteers!!!

Come and talk to us on August 05, 2017 during our Annual General Body meeting at Payal Banquet Hall Mississauga at 06.00 PM (Closed now)

Posted by HEART Canada on 24/06/2017

Eid Mubarak 2018

HEART wishes heart felt Eid Mubarak to its supporters and the community. May Almighty accept your prayers and the hardship faced in keeping long fasting hours. It is a reminder that HEART will have its Annual General Meeting on August 05, 2017 at Payal Banquet Hall 3410 Seymenyk Court Mississauga at 06.00 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend. Ticket could be purchased at Eventbrite or at the gate for $20. HEART Annual Meeting 2017 Tickets.

Posted by HEART Canada on 01/06/2017

Heart Canada Sponsored Students List 2017

S.# Name F/Name Class Address
1 Salah Uddin Nizam Uddin 7th Barpalow Kharery Tehsil Matta District Swat
2 Zia Ullah Sardar Ali 8th Moh:Makanbagh Mingora District Swat
3 Muhsin Ali Murad Ali 4th Village Barikot District Swat
4 Muskan Muhammad Ghani 4th Takhta Band UC Qambar, District Swat
5 Hamzala Usman Ali K.G Shagai Saidu Sharif Swat.
6 Abdullah Rahmat Ali Nursery Ali Abad Rang Mohallah Swat.
7 IBRAR AHMAD SARDAR ALI 4th Koz Miangan,Manglawar, District Swat
8 AMIN ULLAH FAZAL WAHAB 4th Beshbanr P.O Manglawar, District Swat.
9 Ilyas Khan Farman Ali 3rd Malook Abad Mingora Swat.
10 Fahad Sultanat Khan K.G Madyan Tehsil Bahrian District Swat.
10 Fahad Sultanat Khan K.G Madyan Tehsil Bahrian District Swat.
11 Essa Khan Habib Ullah K.G Rahat Kot Tehsil Matta District Swat.
12 Khadija Saleem Muhammad Salim 4th Saidu Sharif Mingora District Swat.
13 Abu Talha Muhammad Siraj 3rd Gulkada Mingora Swat.
Posted by HEART Canada on 07/05/2017

HEART Ramadan 2017 Package

HEART Canada will be providing free Ramadan Package to at least 50 families in the  Greater Toronto Area.  Each package will include Tea, wheat flour sugar, oil and other daily use items. The package will be delivered to those who contact HEART on first come first serve basis.

Please contact HEART at 416 845 3209. Share this message with anyone you know is a deserving family and need support.

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