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Human Emergency Aid & Rehabilitation Trust (HEART) is a not-for-profit, welfare, charitable Canadian organization under the Canadian Registered Charities, Business/Registration number 848695409RR0001


HEART is committed to helping people affected by human tragedies and crisis around the world, through emergency relief and development programs. Our programs are based on principles of human dignity, self-reliance and social justice. The sole purpose of this organization is to help those in need regardless of colour, race, ethnicity or faith.

We have hope!

Human society is more challenged than ever. Natural disasters, insurgencies, terrorism and violent conflicts are causing devastation all over. Food shortages have left millions of people hungry, while violent conflict has sent millions on the run. Whereas, one see a world of insurmountable challenges. instead, we see an opportunity to create transformative change. With your help, sure we can make that change a reality.

WE Believe!

That the power of human potential and endeavour in crisis is always at its peak.

We believe in this power and its potential. for struggle.

We believe in the ability of communities to grow stronger.

We believe that people are the best agents of their own change and that local communities are the best engines of long-term recovery.

And we work accordingly

We partner to put bold solutions into action, helping people triumph over adversity and grow stronger from within. For the those affected by natural disasters, internally displace persons (IDPs) who dream of rebuilding their community and infrastructure, for the mother who wants a healthy future for her children — for millions of people filled with the power of possibility — HEART connects people to the resources they need to build better, stronger

Our Work

  • HEART has provided $25000 to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital mobile clinic in Peshawar through IDRF. This amount is being spent on paying consultation fee of PKR.300 which each patient has to pay earlier. This fee is now paid by the hospital out of the grant provided by HEART.
  • HEART​ is providing support money for deserving students to Khpal Kor Foundation School. Boarding and lodging and school fees for these students are paid by HEART.  http://www.khpalkor.org
  • Grant of $10,000 to Shine Humanity through IDRF for providing free medicine to flood victims in Charsadda, KPK, Pakistan
  • $1000 grant to Somalia Feminine victims
  • Grant of $1500 to a clinic in AJK, Pakistan​​​​​​
  • Raised funds for victims of Typhoon Haiyn
  • Water Supply Project for IDP’s North Waziristan Agency, Pakistan at a cost of Can$ 6600
  • Grant Assistance of Can$ 1164 for flood victims in Punjab Province of Pakistan during September 2104.
  • HEART helped Khpal Kor Foundation in erecting security gates in school after the massacre of student in Peshawar School. A grant of $1030 was provided for this purpose.
  • HEART provided $1500 to Canadian Red Cross for helping victims of Nepal Earthquake.
  • Provided support to Red Cross Canada to support Fort McMurray Fire victims.

Our History

Starting from 2010, HEART has been helping people affected by various disasters to grapple with the toughest hardships survive — and then thrive. That’s the heart of our approach: We try helping communities turn crisis into opportunity.

HEART has demonstrated timeliness and the ability to adapt quickly to changing realities.

2010: The motivation for forming an organisation was triggered in July 2010 at a time when nearly the entire nation of Pakistan was swept away with heavy floods. The devastating situation created worst human crises all over the country, destroying houses, communication and other civil infrastructure, leaving millions without food, shelter and medical facilities. The magnitude of destruction was enormous and relief was beyond the sources of the individuals or government. The international help was not sufficient and due to destroyed communication facilities, reaching to the stranded victims was a major challenge all over. Generous people all over the world wanted to raise funds and help those devastated by the catastrophe.

This is when HEART was formed and registered by a group of volunteers in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Fund raising events were immediately arranged and the response was very encouraging, thus raising hope and making the members of HEART more confident in pursing their goals.

The founding members of HEART also got involved in organizing fundraising events for internally displaced persons (IDP’s) of Swat region in Pakistan. Millions of people were forced out of their homes due to insurgency in the area, for safety reasons, having nowhere to go. Families with children, expecting mothers, fragile seniors and the ailing had to travel on foot for more than a 100 KM to find safe shelters, food and medical services. People in Mardan, Sawabi and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa opened their hearts and homes to accommodate 70% of the IDP’s in their homes on self-help basis. Soon after, help from UNO, International Aid Agencies, Charities and other communities followed for these IDPs who were victims of the conflict in their own land for no fault of theirs. HEART members were at the forefront then, offering their time and resources, organizing fund raising in support of these IDPs. These were some of the events that motivated HEART members to pursue the organisation’s objectives with more zeal and enthusiasm thus strengthening the foundation of HEART.